Shazia Mirza brings the house down at the Asian Circle Summer Party

Shazia Mirza and Santosh Bhanot at the Asian Circle Summer Party 2017

Shazia Mirza and Santosh Bhanot at the Asian Circle Summer Party 2017

Multi award-winning comedian and columnist Shazia Mirza “brought the house down” with laughter at the second Asian Circle Summer party held at Banglore Express in London on Wednesday 12th July 2017. Guests heard from Asian Circle Founder Santosh Bhanot and Caroline Sweetman of Oxfam on the projects the charities support. Designers Natasha Khushi of Opuline and Geeta Handa of C-Atomic showcased their collections and guests were able to enjoy the Asian culinary delights of Yogesh Datta, head chef at Banglore Express.

Ending Violence Against Women

Violence against women is the most common form of human rights violation in India. It is such a deeply ingrained, socially accepted ‘right’ for men to beat their wives, that women are trapped in a life of violence. Shame, stigma, and a lack of support from the police and the legal system prevent many women from reporting domestic violence and seeking help. The Asian Circle is working together with Oxfam in the tribal Adivasi communities in North East India to challenge the social acceptance of sexual and domestic violence against women.

Oxfam is helping the government, the police and judiciary to apply the laws that protect women, setting up support centres in police stations to provide shelter, legal advice and counselling. And launching a state-wide campaign to raise awareness of and change attitudes towards violence against women.

Progress so Far

In Chhattisgarh state, there has been State Level Consultation on State Gender Equality Policy, a policy which was not revisited for more than a decade. Women from across the state participated to reflect their concerns and issues on the policy gaps. In Odisha, “Gender Times” sessions were organised at colleges, which increased engagement of adolescents and youth groups with gender issues.

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About The Asian Circle

The Asian Circle is a network of UK based women with a passion to support vulnerable women in India and South Asia by building awareness of their plight and through fund-raising. The Asian Circle membership includes successful, professional women working in partnership with Oxfam.

The Asian Circle aims to support projects that increase South Asian women’s capability and full participation in their communities through strengthening voice, gaining equality and realising their earning potential. The first program The Asian Circle is supporting is ‘Violence against Women’ amongst the Tribal Women of Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

The Asian Circle is an integral part of the ‘The Circle’ Network which was founded by the singer, Annie Lennox in 2008. This is a partnership of highly influential women who are passionate about women’s rights, empowering other women and female leadership. The Asian Circle launched in 2013 at the Houses of Parliament. Whilst the Circle is focused on providing equality of opportunity for women and girls, The Asian Circle is focused on supporting vulnerable women and girls in South Asia.

The Asian Circle is a collective within The Circle of Women, known as The Circle, a registered charity in England & Wales (1160293)

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