‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ is released in cinemas on 26th May 2017

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin: A Billion Dreams‘, which chronicles cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar’s journey from a young boy to one of the most celebrated sportsmen of all time, releases on 26th May 2017. Directed by award-winning filmmaker, James Erskine, this cinematic ode to one of the greatest players in history offers an intimate and engaging peek into the world of the global hero, allowing fans to step into the ‘Master Blaster’s’ life. Sachin was in town last weekend, promoting the film to his fans in the UK.

The film brings the marvel of Tendulkar to the silver screen, with the legend himself at the heart of the filmic process. It charters the backstory and phenomenon of a national treasure that has inspired generations. Beyond his home country, Tendulkar is celebrated globally as one of the most iconic sports heroes in history. He is emblematic of the common man gifted with extraordinary talent, who has gone on to achieve greatness in the game, winning worldwide adulation along the way.

The film comprises a seamless montage of moments of cricketing glory combined with personal moments, unseen footage from the dressing room and much more. It further presents fellow team members such as M.S. Dhoni and Virender Sehwag offering their own insights into his life and legacy, complemented by music composed by Academy, BAFTA, Grammy and Golden Globe award-winning musical genius, A.R. Rahman.

Speaking about the film, Sachin Tendulkar says, “This film has helped me relive the important moments of my life through its making. I remain a private person but realised that there is much I have not revealed or spoken about to those who have been instrumental to my life and career, especially the fans. I hope the film will be yet another avenue for fans who have showered their love and blessings on me to cherish the journey that we undertook together for over 24 years.”

James Erskine, award-winning director of several international films on sports, says, “Directing the film was a wonderful experience. Coming from the UK, I knew that Sachin was a cricketing legend but, even then, it was an eye-opener to see the adoration and respect that Sachin commands across the globe. Scripting his journey for the big screen involved interacting with Sachin, his family, his teammates as well as players from rival teams and others. Sachin is both gracious and a perfectionist, and being able to make this film for the Indian people and many more across the globe was a true honour.”

Producer Ravi Bhagchandka of 200NotOut says, “Making this movie has been my pilgrimage. I am a huge fan of Sachin and it was Sachin who was my inspiration when I used to play cricket. My company’s name, 200NOTOUT, is also dedicated to his highest score in ODIs. Sachin is dearly loved by all Indians as well by cricket fans all around the world. He has been an idol for three generations of cricket fans and continues to inspire. This film will give his fans who have watched his cricketing feats on the television screen the opportunity to see Sachin on the big movie screen. We show the vulnerable side of Tendulkar in the film. It wasn’t a cake walk for him in the 24 years he played.”



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