Report on Public Authority responses to violence against BME women

Sister for Change Report Launch - Image copyright of Lopa Patel

Ramesh & Pratibha Sachdev's GMSP Foundation sponsored the launch of Sisters for Change report ‘Unequal Regard, Unequal Protection: Public Authority responses to violence against BME women in England’ on Monday 6th November 2017 at the House of Lords, London, at an event hosted by Lord Dolar Popat.

Sisters for Change launched their new report ‘Unequal Regard, Unequal Protection: Public Authority responses to violence against BME women in England’ on Monday 6th November 2017. Sponsored by the Ramesh and Pratibha Sachdev’s GMSP Foundation, the report launch was hosted at the House of Lords by Lord Dolar Popat. Attendees, including Members of Parliament, social service and health workers and policy makers, heard from Alison Gordon, Executive Director, Sisters for Change; Umme Imam, Executive Director at the Angelou Centre in Newcastle; Jane Gordon, Legal Director at Sisters for Change and Zlakha Ahmed, Executive Director of Apna Haq, Rotherham.

Government needs to rethink its approach to combating violence against BME women

The conclusion of the report is that despite positive steps taken to introduce new legislation on violence against women (VAW) and evidence of some innovative initiatives at the local level, the UK Government and public authorities are not effectively safeguarding the rights of BME women victims of violence, or adequately supporting the the critical BME VAW service provider that serve them. The report recommends a rethink of the Government’s approach to combating violence against BME women, including ring-fenced funding for the BME VAW service sector; development of guidelines for local authorities on minimum service provision for BME victims of violence and suggests key areas of current and regulatory weakness that should be addressed urgently, either through the new Domestic Violence & Abuse Bill or otherwise.

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About Sisters for Change

Co-founded by Alison and Jane Gordon – twin sisters from Northern Ireland, Sisters For Change is a non-profit organisation that seeks to transform the lives of millions of women and girls across the world. Their mission is to provide the world’s most marginalised women access to information and justice, to mobilise communities and their leaders to speak out and put an end to the social acceptance of violence against women, and to hold governments legally accountable. Sisters For Change works with and connects local partners to deliver innovative justice, education and technology initiatives to create lasting social change. For further information visit

About GMSP

Ramesh and Pratibha Sachdev set up GMSP Foundation in 2006 to formalise their charitable giving and to give strategically to create social change. Coming from a business background, GMSP takes an entrepreneurial approach to giving. The Foundation assesses and measures impact and sustainability and always seeks out dynamic and capable leadership. GMSP’s core funding projects are those that empower girls and women. Sonal Sachdev Patel is CEO of GMSP Foundation which is a registered UK charity – No 1113218.

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