Rahm (Mercy), a Sufi adaptation of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure

Rahm Mercy

With rising star Sanam Saeed and renowned Pakistani actor Sajid Hasan, Rahm opens at the London Asian Film Festival on 14th March 2017. It is the first Sufi adaptation of Shakespeare’s play ‘Measure for Measure and has been shot on location in Lahore, Pakistan. A British/Pakistani production from Director Ahmed Jamal and Writer/Producer Mahmood Jamal, Rahm is part of the emergence of cinema from Pakistan.


A kindly Governor goes into hiding after appointing a younger, puritanical Deputy in his place who is
convinced that Lahore needs harsher punishments and strict implementation of laws. Fear begins to grip the city as a young man is condemned to death after getting his fiancé pregnant on the accusations of her parents. Sameena, his sister, begs the Deputy for mercy. He refuses at first but can’t resist her beauty and offers her a deal that requires Sameena to dishonour herself in exchange for commuting the death sentence on her brother. Sameena has to outwit him, and, with the help of the disguised ex-Governor they attempt to turn the tables in a gripping climax.

Rahm premières at the 19th London Asian Film Festival on Tuesday 14th March before being released on Friday 17th March 2017.


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