Hemraj Goyal Foundation Ball raises £120k for anti-trafficking charity

Anita and Avnish Goyal - Image copyright of Lopa Patel

Anita and Avnish Goyal at the Hemraj Goyal Foundation Charity Ball in aid of The Lily Foundation against Human Trafficking, held on 30th September 2017. Image copyright of Lopa Patel

The Hemraj Goyal Foundation Charity Ball, held on Saturday 30th September 2017 in London, raised £120k for The Lily Foundation against human trafficking. Lady Mohini Kent Noon, Founding Chairperson of The Lily Foundation quoted Mahatma Gandhi, saying “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. She spoke about the background of the charity and how the monies raised would be used. Guests including Patron Sunita Arora and her husband Surinder Arora, Founder and Chairman of the Arora Group and Ambassador for The Lily Foundation, were joined by committee members Ms Bina Rani, Mr Vijay Goel, Anita Goyal, Rita Chowdhry and Ashish Goyal. The HGF Charity Ball was the organised by Vikas and Selina Goyal and the team at the family-run foundation with the keynote speech given by Avnish Goyal, Managing Director of Hallmark Care Homes, and Founding Trustee of the Hemraj Goyal Foundation which is named in his father’s memory.

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The Hemraj Goyal Foundation

The Hemraj Goyal Foundation (HGF) is a registered charity operating in the UK and Worldwide. HGF support charitable organisations which make an honest and powerful difference to individuals’ lives by providing financial and human resources to those who need our support. HGF distribute funds to organisations who promote education, women and children’s rights and put an end to human trafficking.

For further information visit https://hgf.org.uk/

About The Lily Foundation

The Lily Foundation works against human trafficking through prevention, rescue and rehabilitation. It helps survivors to lead free, healthy and fulfilling lives by supporting existing NGOs of integrity with proven track records. The charity is named after a 4-year old girl who was sold into prostitution by her own mother for just £50. She was discovered in a Delhi brothel, hidden in a water tank; so much misery was condensed in such a small girl.

For further information visit http://www.lilyagainsttrafficking.org/


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