Harmeet Sawhney in play ‘Beyond Singularity’, 21 – 23 July 2017


Budding Indian actor Harmeet Sawhney stars in a new play ‘Beyond Singularity’ which is being staged at Rudolph Steiner House, Baker Street, on 21st – 23rd July 2017. Rahul (Harmeet Sawhney) is on the verge of completing his PhD on a new idea. He is stressed about meeting his professor to discuss it but is confronted with something even bigger – his arranged marriage! What happens to his marriage, his PhD and his life is the roller coaster journey of Beyond Singularity. Written, directed and produced by Herschel Pant, the play follows Rahul, Maya and Mohini through twists and turns of contemporary life of Indians in Britain.

“My story is probably one you’ve heard before”, writes Herschel Pant, “guy comes from India at 17, gets a job, works in finance for over 10 years, wants to do something different. Spends 6-9 months researching about a topic. Writes a 3 act play on it. Somehow finds 13 artists (majority who work full time as well) who are happy to bring that play to life. That’s the history behind Beyond Singularity in a nutshell!”.

About Rahul (played by Harmeet Sawhney)

Trained under the powerful guidance of Kishore Namit Kapoor in Mumbai, Harmeet has acted in two Indian
TV series on Zee and 9X. He played the lead in the English short film “HomeBrew”, and has appeared in
numerous TV commercials. Harmeet hosted a late night show on Sunrise Radio for three years, and is
currently a TV Presenter on B4U Music. He will be seen next in Hansal Mehta’s upcoming film “Omerta”
opposite Rajkummar Rao in a prominent role.

All Characters in the play:

Rahul Khurana : He’s worked for 5 years on his PhD and is about to meet his professor in the
afternoon to discuss it. His parents however have set up an ‘arranged’ date with a family without
tell him, which angers him. Over the story, he only focusses on his work and tries to relate
everything he does with his work.

Rajesh Khurana (aka Dad) : Rahul’s dad has seen difficult times and home-schooled Rahul into
the PhD student he is today. He has remained involved in Rahul’s life and has finally given into his
wife’s pressure to get their son married. He is a practical man and is trying his best to balance
liberal values and his traditional ones.

Ramvati Khurana (aka Mom) : Rahul’s mother has been the rock of their family. Quiet, composed
and generally not saying much, she has been pressuring Rahul to start meeting girls and settle
down. She believes he is focussing too much on his work.

Professor Kumar : Rahul’s professor is mentoring him ahead of his PhD viva in a few weeks. A
learned man himself, Kumar is aiming to challenge Rahul to improve his work. Also a practical man
who believes in facts over feeling.

Mohini Kumar : Professor Kumar’s daughter is studying Psychology as a Masters student. She is
strong, well-meaning and opinionated. She doesn’t mince her words in expressing how she is
feeling at any point in time.

Maya Mishra : Rahul meets Maya in the US, where he goes as part of his research. They become
close and she joins him back in the UK to help him complete his research. Maya herself works in
small start-up in London but doesn’t have many friends – apart from Rahul’s. She lives with Rahul.

Uncle, Aunty Mehta : Have been invited over to meet with Rahul for a possible arranged marriage
with their daughter. They have heard a lot about Rahul and how brilliant he is, so are very keen on
the marriage.

Beyond Singularity is being staged at Rudolph Steiner House,  35 Park Road, Marylebone, London NW1 6XT. Dates: 21 & 22 July 2017 – doors open 7 pm ; 23 July 2017 – doors open 2 pm. Tickets cost £10 per person. Duration: 75 minutes. Book via www.beyondsingularity.co.uk


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