European Premiere of new Indian short film ‘Bagheera’, 11th Feb 2018

Bagheera Queen of the Jungle

The European Premiere of new Indian short film ‘Bagheera’ will take place at the London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema on Sunday 11th February 2018. Bagheera is an exhilarating new film that addresses the major issue of the violent denigration of women. Written, produced and directed by Christopher R. Watson and co-produced by Sakar Raut, this captivating Tarantino-does-Bollywood, 20-minute short, is a highly relevant piece of international cinema. Created with a stylistic, western approach, yet written in Hindi language and culturally sensitive, Bagheera gives rise to an exciting wave of inventive new storytelling, layered with unexpected nuances.

Shot in Mumbai in a disused Indian shipyard, Bagheera (Preeti Choudhury), is the bright young leader of a Girl Scout troop in India. Abducted after a meeting with her pack, she uses the many skills of her achievement badges to combat her assailant, Kaka, (Rajesh Balwani) and serves up a scorching retribution.

Bagheera takes her name from the Black Panther of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. When the Empress of the Jungle uses her claws, things don’t go well for her opponents, as Bagheera’s blistering revenge demonstrates.

Whilst the subject is dark, the message is hugely uplifting. This thought provoking story highlights the vulnerability of women in many societies across the world today. Bagheera reminds us that fearlessness and resourcefulness are two of humanity’s most powerful tools.

Director Christopher R. Watson states: “I wanted to tell a powerful story about a modern woman which would uplift audiences. Bagheera is a piece of cinema that celebrates the human spirit, by demonstrating the value of common-sense, resourcefulness and courage.

Watson has been living in Mumbai, India for the last four years. He is fascinated by Indian culture and his work is focussed on exploring the extraordinary diversity of human experience that he sees throughout Indian culture. His next film is also written in Hindi language and is based on the true story of a young woman called Anuradha, which means, and is titled, Goddess of Luck. Watson’s hybrid approach for both Indian and International audiences lends his work a unique creative difference.

Bagheera is also currently being developed into a full-length feature film. The short film will be screened at the London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, Crowne Plaza London Docklands, London, E16 1AL on Sunday 11th February at 19:45. Admission: free– tickets on a first come, first served basis.

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