The Asian Circle celebrates its 4th birthday with a Chai Day at Monty’s

Santosh Bhanot, Founder of The Asian Circle with Rav Bansal, star of the BBC show Great British Bake Off at the Chai Day 2017 - Image copyright of Lopa Patel

Santosh Bhanot, Founder of The Asian Circle with Rav Bansal, star of the BBC show Great British Bake Off at the Chai Day 2017 - Image copyright of Lopa Patel

The Asian Circle celebrated its fourth birthday with a ‘Chai Day’ at Monty’s Nepalese restaurant in Ealing on Saturday 9th December 2017. The Asian Circle was joined by The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) star Rav Bansal, who is supporting The Asian Circle in their fight for gender equality and baked a spectacular cake for the occasion. The Asian Circle founder Santosh Bhanot provided an update on their project in rural communities in east India. In partnership with Oxfam India, The Asian Circle is setting up Women’s Support Centres which provide access to counselling and legal aid to survivors of gender-based violence

In 2016, The Asian Circle conceived Chai Day as a way to raise awareness and funds to support survivors of gender-based violence. 35% of women experience gender-based violence at some point in their lives. November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, a day dedicated to raise public awareness about this and other appalling statistics. It invited many of its supporters to host a Chai Day between November 25th – December 10th (Human Rights Day) to raise funds for the charity.

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About The Asian Circle

The Circle as in NGO, founded by Annie Lennox, connecting and inspiring women to act and change the injustices and challenges facing disempowered women and girls. The newest affiliate to The Circle, The Asian Circle, was founded by Santosh Bhanot, and launched in November 2013 at the Houses of Parliament.

The Asian Circle has ​been working in partnership with Oxfam for the last three years . This exciting partnership is supporting an innovative Oxfam programme in India working with poor and marginalised Tribal women to fight gender based violence in two of the poorest states in India, Chhattisgarh and Odisha. Working with local grassroots partners, the project has helped women survivors of violence access counselling, legal and other support services, made the wider communities aware about violence against women and motivate them to take action to prevent and end violence against girls and women. The work has also helped influence government policies and ensure women’s rights are met through active campaigning.

Jagyaseni a survivor of domestic abuse tells her story and how her life was transformed after she gained access to the Women’s Support Centre, Kandhamal . Listen to her story below:

jaygesengi from lucia tambini on Vimeo.

So far, the project has helped 18,000 women and girls and a further 9000 men and boys in the two states of Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

The Asian Circle is a network of UK-based Asian women from all walks of life who have a shared passion to support vulnerable women in India and South Asia. An Executive Committee provides leadership and direction for the group, which aims to support projects that increase South Asian women’s ability to participate in their communities by strengthening their voices, gaining equality and improving their earning potential.

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